IBM Security Software Developer


Want to help save the world? Help us stop the modern hacker.

Sophisticated attacks are breaking through conventional safeguards every single day. Organized criminals, hacktivists, governments and adversaries are compelled by financial gain, politics and notoriety to attack valuable government and corporate assets. Their attack operations are well-funded and business-like -- attackers patiently evaluating targets based on potential effort and reward. Their methods are extremely targeted -- they use social media and other entry points to track down people with access, take advantage of trust and exploit them as vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, negligent employees inadvertently put the business at risk via human error and even worse, the rapid adoption of new technologies such as mobile and cloud only serve to increase the number of attack vectors. Security investments of the past simply fail to protect against these new classes of attacks.

Join us as we build the next generation of security software built around cognitive systems that leverage data mining, machine learning and natural language processing to defend against the most advanced cybersecurity threats facing the world today.

As our team operates in a highly dynamic, Agile, squad-based development environment, you will have the opportunity to work on a number of different squads with responsibilities covering the entire spectrum of software development (e.g. Research, Design, Prototype, Development, QA, Deployment, Support). Additionally, as a member of the Development team, you will be also working with the Product Management team and the CTO who both help shape and prioritize our portfolio strategy and directions.

Our developers work within small, close-knit squads and are tasked with highly-defined missions. In the spirit of Agile development, we operate on short sprints and each squad is given a high degree of freedom and responsibility to execute on their commitments. As a member of our team, you will have responsibilities covering the end-to-end delivery of features for your squad ranging from Research, Design, Prototype, Development, QA, Deployment to Support.

The ideal candidate will have a strong passion for developing software as demonstrated by their active participation in hackathons, contribution to open source projects, experimenting with new technologies and development of their own hobby applications. The candidate must also have a relentless desire for continuous improvement through the learning of new things, championing of new ideas, exploring new perspectives and be embrace the idea of going beyond their comfort zone even at the risk of failure or embarrassment.
  • English (Fluent)
  • Proven experience programming in JavaScript and Java.
  • Proven experience with web application development and understanding of cloud architecture.
  • Proven experience applying object oriented design and methodologies.
  • Strong communication skills and able to convey ideas and opinions to others.
  • This candidate should have a keen interest in the latest web technologies, researching the latest security trends and defending against malicious cybersecurity attacks. He/She should also have a strong interest in building usable software with intuitive interfaces.

Group ID: IBM Security
Brands: IBM
Country: Canada
Job Family: Not Applicable

Type: Full-Time

Experience: Entry Level

Category: Engineering

Reference ID: 90860BR

Date Posted: 28/03/2017