Eclipse OMR Developer


Are you passionate about technology? Do you love building new things? Do you want to develop the future of IBM's Cloud offerings? If you answered YES, then we have the right opportunity for you!

The IBM Runtime Technologies team is looking to hire self-motivated software developers to join our mission to nurture an open source community around the Eclipse OMR toolkit for language runtimes (see This project helps developers to build reliable, enterprise class runtimes for any kind of language from Java to Ruby to Lua to the next great language to bring forth the next advancements in cloud computing performance! Join our team to work alongside technical experts in Just-In-Time dynamic compiler development to optimize performance for languages like Java, Javascript, and Swift. The IBM Canada Software Lab in Markham is the compilation hub within IBM, known for developing world-class compilers and runtimes, and we're looking for enthusiastic developers like you to grow our team!

IBM Runtimes team provides an opportunity to learn about and experiment with different programming language implementation and wide variety of latest hardware platforms. Opportunity to work in Open Source communities, academia, research scientists, hardware engineers, language development communities. Opportunity to improve foundational technologies that power IBM cloud and on-prem offerings.

Key Responsibilities Include:
  • Performance benchmarking and whole stack performance analysis to improve performance by adding new Runtime optimizations or tune existing ones
  • Develop and deliver code features and improvements to the Eclipse OMR project.
  • Collaborate with research, development, performance and functional test teams situated across the globe on a daily basis.
  • Influence the design of future generations of hardware and OS/Kernel enhancements thorough collaboration with IBM hardware/OS teams.
  • Persistence for experimentation and rapid, iterative prototyping, digging through complex logs/dumps/data to identify issues
You will work with Middleware teams, OS and Hardware teams, Development Tooling team, Cloud DevOps and App Dev teams.

Software developers on the team will participate in all aspects of the software development process, from design to implementation, from testing to product delivery and support. Ideal candidates should feel comfortable working in a driven software development environment.

It is an exciting time, and as a team we are driven by this incredible opportunity to thrill our clients. If you are passionate about learning new and complex low level technologies; like collaborating with developers with varied interests and knowledge and the opportunity to have great tools to work with then this may be the opportunity for you.

This role will involve working with technology that is covered by embargo Export Regulations. If you are a Foreign National from any of the following embargoed countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) on a work permit, you are not eligible for employment in this position.

  • At least 1 years experience in programming in C/C++, or JavaScript or Java
  • At least 6 months experience in open-source community development, processes and tools
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills
  • English: Fluent

Group ID: IBM Cloud
Brands: IBM
Country: Canada
Job Family: Not Applicable

Type: Full-Time

Experience: Entry Level

Category: Engineering

Reference ID: 67582BR

Date Posted: 23/03/2017